Please note: Special order times may vary as I'm currently a full time mum and doing leatherwork on the side. Feel free to contact me with any queries/requests - Thanks for your patience.

Special Orders

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind, personalised piece for your special occasion, a unique gift for a loved one or just as a treat for yourself, then you have come to the right place!


See below for price guide and example photos. 

Items listed include simple stamping/personalising. Additional costs may be added for further features/add-ons/requests (eg. lots of stamping detail or size). Designs are subject to tools & stamps in my collection.

Feel free to contact me to request more specific photos and information




Includes simple stamping/personalising.

Small clutch with pinched sides (approx. 23x11cm): $109

Small clutch with extra leather sides (approx. 23x11x4cm): $119

Medium clutch with pinched sides (approx. 26x14cm): $134

Medium clutch with extra leather sides (approx. 26x14x4cm): $144

Large clutch with pinched sides (approx. 29x16cm): $159

Large clutch with extra leather sides (approx. 29x16x4cm): $169

Additional features:

Bag strap - permanent: $15

Bag strap - detachable (not available on pinched side clutches): $25


Shoulder bags & Handbags:

Roundie bag (approx 18x4cm): $149

Little Sister Tote Bag (approx 40x38cm): From $174 (dependent on strap length)

Essentials bag (approx 25x23x4cm): $189

Everyday bag (approx 32x26x5cm): $289

Laptop bag (to fit laptop with some bag space too): From $339

Clutch bags with shoulder straps (various sizes) - See details above.


Coin purse:

Includes simple stamping/personalising (approx 9x12cm): $55


Tablet sleeve/case:

Includes simple stamping/personalising: From $129

Laptop sleeve/case:

Includes simple stamping/personalising: From $169

Men’s wallet:

Simple (notes & card pockets): $119

Cards, notes & coin pocket: $129


Lady’s wallet:

Cards, notes and coins, simple pattern: $179


Passport slip/pocket:

Single pocket/Slip: $39

Double pocket/Case: $55



Regular: 3.1cm width (any length) with simple pattern/text: $89

Wide: 3.8cm width (any length) with large buckle & simple pattern/text: $99

If you prefer me to make a belt to fit your own pre-bought buckle I am also happy to do so. 


Guitar Straps:

Personalised with simple pattern/text, single colour, 5.5cm wide: $149

More detailed stamping/personalising: from $159


Book/journal cover:

-With sewn edges.

Medium/A5: $79

Large/A4: $129

-With laced edges and thicker leather.

Medium/A5: $99

Large/A4: $149


Dog collars:

Small: $39

Large: $49


Knife sheaths:

Pocket knife: $45

Large knives: $65 - $85


Cuff links:



Tie Clips:



Wooden bowtie with leather centre piece:




Stud: $22

Drop: $25


Wrist bands/bracelets:

Tie up or press stud

Thin (approx 2cm wide): $29

Thick/cuff (4-5cm wide): $35


Key chains:



Coffee Cup Sleeves:



Baby Moccasins:

Small (approx 0-2): $40

Larger - please ask for quote depending on size


Please note: I give discounts for bulk orders, depending on how many are ordered/purchased.