Super Special Giveaway!

bridesmaid clutches.png

Have you ever received a personalised, handmade or well thought out gift that made you feel super special and loved? If you have, then you'll know the feeling of wanting to do that for someone else. Well, now is your chance to do that and it won't cost you anything!!!

I am giving ONE lucky winner TWO personalised clutches - uniquely handmade by me!!!

Why? Because I get all warm and fuzzy when I hear some of the reasons that my customers are getting a personalised gift made, and I believe in the power of showing people that we value them. This is just one way I can contribute towards such a beautiful thing.

The second clutch is a bonus for the winner to keep for themselves, or if a clutch isn't exactly their thing, it could be used as another gift! Win-win if you ask me!



•be following @bethnewtonhandmade on Instagram and like the original giveaway post

•tag some friends (on original Instagram post) who you think would also like a chance to win

•Tell me in less than 100 words who your clutch will be gifted to and why (contact page on website/email link on Instagram, and make sure to include your Instagram name in the email).


Winner will be announced 14/6/18. 

Fine details: The winner will receive two small clutches with pinched sides (see Special Orders tab for details), which will be designed and/or personalised according to communication between Beth Newton and the winner, subject to available materials and tools. Time frame will depend on work schedule of Beth Newton, and what is arranged between her and the winner. 

Any questions please contact Beth Newton via email or comment below.